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Which Tweets work best?

Organizations are increasingly seeking to engage with customers on social media. A challenge for organizations is choosing the kinds of messages that drive the most engagement. We recently analyzed the social media presence of some ad agencies, with a special focus on Twitter and derived insights that shed light on the issue.
The findings show that the tweets containing links to pictures and tweets on events, promotions and awards generate the highest customer engagement, as measured by the retweet ratio. Tweets containing hashtags, non-picture URLs, scientific research also have a retweet ratio that is better than the average.

  This trend was consistently true for each twitter stream from each of the 7 agencies  

An interesting finding was that, InTouch’s picture URL’s had an exceptionally high retweet ratio, as seen in the graph above. This may be driven by the fact that the pictures contained photos of executives and movie/sport stars.
To obtain these results, we at SetuServ analyzed about 15,000 tweets, from various agencies. SetuServ deployed its unique Skierarchy approach to Natural Language Processing that combines machine learning with human curation. Our approach allows us to glean insights with accuracy and granularity not possible with other solutions. Finding the right balance between machine learning and human curation is essential in getting accurate insights from text data. At SetuServ we believe we’ve done just that.
For more information, check us out at www.setuserv.com or call us at 312-823-4300.

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