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5 secrets your Net Promoter Score (NPS™) can’t unlock

NPS surveys have been so successful, that the abbreviation needs no expansion in customer centric companies. The score provides several benefits. Its simplicity makes it easy to track, to disseminate to various parts of the organization and to compare against benchmarks.
However, what is still in its infancy is ACTION based on NPS. Recently, Jeremy, an analyst at an online retailer was faced with the same problem. His stakeholders were asking the dreaded “So what”? question followed by the even more dreaded “Why”? question. Jeremy’s stakeholders are not alone and analysts often don’t have answers.
It may seem obvious that the answers lie in the treasure trove of textual verbatim responses within the survey. But most companies lack a systematic and thorough process to unleash the power of this information. A deliberate reading of these responses can provide several benefits. A few of them are :
DriversIdentify the drivers of the scores – By analyzing the verbatim comments, the company over a few quarters realized that “Deals available” and “Speed of delivery“ were disproportionately driving their Promoters

RouteTrack department-level performance– This has to be done carefully and only after data has been synthesized over periods of time. The company uses the score in conjunction with the text analysis as a metric for incentives for their departments

leaf graphicDecide priorities  – Companies can use this information to decide priorities. While cursory and superficial readings may identify the top 1 or 2 drivers the real value lies in identifying drivers that are easy to effect and that move the needle. The company realized that “limiting changes to their site”, though low on the totem poll of drivers, was an easy fix that satisfied a decent chunk of high rollers

leaf graphicClose the loop with customers – A customer who feels heard is more likely to be loyal than one who is not. And if their request or suggestion is on your product roadmap even better. While harder to implement at a B2C company, identifying the grouses of borderline Passives can provide insights into how to convert them to promoters

leaf graphicIdentify customers for follow up research –  While some priorities will be clear after synthesis of verbatim comments customers can be identified  for follow-up research as well as for tracking.
However, we must admit that reading through comments is a challenging task especially when volumes of verbatim exceed a few hundred sentences a quarter. In our next post we will discuss some of these challenges and pitfalls and how they could be overcome. If you want to learn more please visit us at our website www.setuserv.com or click here for another use case of NPS verbatim synthesis.

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