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Comparison of mobile banking apps – based on the Voice of Customer

In a new series, we will be comparing user feedback for apps in a variety of domains using our unique approach to Natural Language Processing that combines machine learning with human curation. In the first of the series, we compare two US banking apps.

Subjects – American Express vs. Chase Bank
Data Source – Apple’s iOS Store
Time Period
Salient Insights
Customers indicate a positive overall sentiment for both companies, but Chase experiences a higher positive sentiment than American Express. It should be noted, however, that Chase’s positive sentiment is trending downward. As expected, the trend of positive sentiment tracks the ratings for each company.
Banking Apps 1
The primary difference between Amex and Chase is navigability within the app, with Amex lagging behind Chase. Additionally, customers do not rate Amex as high as Chase on quick access to updated account details
The bottom left quadrant represents opportunities for either company. While neither Amex nor Chase is performing highly the rewards tracking dimension, an improvement on this dimension could indicate an opportunity of differentiation for a company.
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